2011-2012 International and China Auto Audio and Navigation Business Report Revealed


Recently, the famous Reportlinker.com has announced that a fresh report on auto market research is now made available in its listings.

Normally, both low and medium class passenger vehicles are featured only with regular audio system, which includes 1 head unit with CD playing functionalities, and standard digital receiver, 1 double channel power amplifier, and 2 to maximum 4 loudspeaker sets.

On the other hand, most of the leading commercial cars are not provided with a CD player, but standard navigation function is included on all types of high-end vehicles, which stocks up electric map in normal DVD during early stages, but now in flash and HDD memory cars as observed with most of the new high-end cars.

In recent times, the high-end vehicles audio system performance has been greatly advanced with the inclusion of 4 to maximum 8 channels for standard power amplifier system along with increased power input for each and every channel, and utmost 10 loudspeaker units. For luxury vehicles, new advanced wireless communication functionalities including telematics, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and many more standard features have been added. Consumers can even find rear passenger entertainment system in case of the luxury cars, which is normally referred to as Infotainment system.

During 2011 and 1st half of 2012 fiscal year, global auto industry has observed an outstanding performance from theJapan based producers in the areas of auto navigation and audio systems, particularly in the former. During 2011, theJapan market has witnessed both good and bad. It had been severely damaged by an earthquake with a reading of 3.11, and also by recent floods inThailand, but somehow managed to obtain a substantial appreciation for its Yen in 2011.

In 2011, the Japanese vehicle navigation delivery just fell 7.4 percent, while the delivery of standard navigation system storing electronic plot in advanced flash-memory has been increased by 18.1 percent. During the initial 6 months of trading in 2012 model year, Japan market’s domestic vehicle navigation delivery added up to nearly 3.022 million total units, which is clearly an increase of almost 146.3 percent as compared to the figures that were attained during the same period last year.

In the conventional auto audio segment, the Japan based producers have further increased their total occupancy of the market, for instance new Pioneer’s vehicle CD player system delivery witnessed an improvement of almost 26.9 percent during 2011, up to 7 million total units.


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