2012 Paris Autoshow: SsangYong e-XIV model Revealed


In this month, at Paris Auto Show, South Korean automotive giant, SsangYong is showcasing their 3rd version of XIVconcept lineup, andthe preview involved release of 3 teaser images. The latest model is named e-XIV in which ‘e’ indicates electric drivetrain.

Similar to the earlier two concepts, SsangYong’s newest XIV theory shows fresh compact intersect, the impact of which, can be seen on client interactivity and smart design.

What is XIV Lineup All About?

XIV stands for eXciting user-Interface Vehicle.

As the name describes, every element attributes superior client interface method to control the cabin features and make use of mobile connectivity. SsangYong looks forward to attract the younger customers with this new vehicle, particularly the ones who are used to mobile gadgets and smartphones.

Earlier e-XIV had gasoline engine that is now replaced by an electric drivetrain, however, the specifications are yet not released. In this vehicle, solar panel is fixed to offer powering ancillary attributes, and it will come roof-mounted.

Tentative Specs

The vehicle is likely to come with wheelbase of8.5 feet, width of5.9 feet, length of13.6 feet, and height of about 5.2 feet; these specs will make it a robust SUV in the market.

Bad News for American Buyers

Due to the restrictions in US, the vehicle is not yet likely to enter the showrooms in the North American dealerships, but will most probably go on sale elsewhere in the global markets, as and when it enters production.

2012 Paris Autoshowhas of course got lots of cool automotive creations on the display, and all-new Accord is one of them.


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