Abeona Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ABEO) Has Announced That The Aim Gene Therapy Vector Platform Will Be Licensed


Abeona Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:ABEO) announced that the Aim vector system has been licensed. The AIM is under the exclusive worldwide license of a next generation gene therapy, AAV capsid portfolio from the University Of North Carolina.

The benefits of the Aim Vector System

The AIM vector system is comprised of AAV capsids, which is suited to perform gene transfers over a widespread of central nervous systems. The use of the AIM vector system can aid in various therapeutic indications through being implemented to create hightransduction efficiency.

In addition to this, through studies, it has been indicated that the implementation of AIM vectors can effectively target a widespread area of CNS tissue. Due to this, there is a high probability that AIM will aid in the treatment of patients that suffer from inhibitory antibodies that are resistant to natural AAV serotypes.

The last benefit discovered so far through the implementation of AIM vectors, is due to the fact that this will enable a second-generation treatment process for those who have already received previous AAV injections.

Further licensing for AIM Vector System

The AAV capsid library is only a part of what the licensing is liable to cover, in addition, the ABO-202, which is an AAV-based CLN1 program is also placed under the licensing of the AIM vector platform.

ABA-202 was developed by Steven Gray at UNC, Therewas, however, a wide variety of foundations supporting the development process of the ABA-202 including, the Saoirse Foundation, Taylors Tale, Batten Disease Support And Research Association, as well as Haydon Batten Disease foundation.

ABA-202 is expected to be put through clinical trials in 2017, in order to treat patients that suffer from ailments such as Infantile neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis more commonly known as (INCL, infantile Batten Disease), which is a genetic disease that primarily targets the human nervous system.

The CEO and President of Abeona Therapeutics, Timothy J. Miller, stated that the AIM vector system illustrates a critical opportunity for the company. Miller goes on to explain how through the integration of AIM, the companies pipeline will be directed into providing second-generation products for various tissue specific deliveries, including CNS.


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