Acacia Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACIA) Announced That There Is Positive Adoption Towards Its Flex-Rate Technology


It was announced recently by Acacia Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACIA) that over 12 of the companies customers have taken up coherent solutions which are based upon the Acacia’s Dual-Core Flex Rate Denali DSP (Digital Signal Processor).

This Flex-Rate technology is applied to various applications including DCI (Datacenter Interconnect), long haul, metro, as well as submarine networks.

The features of Acacia Communications Flex-Rate technology

Making use of a wide variety of modulation formats which extends to PM-16QAM, PM-8QAM, as well as PM-QPSK, the Denali based products are able to support transmission speeds between 100G to 400G, due to these speeds customers that make use of this product have a higher level of flexibility.

Due to the dual-core architecture of the Denali based platform, the architecture is able to support high-level performance as well as high-density communications.

While using the PM-8QAM, clients will be able to have signals with 2x150G optics, with regards to the other modules clients will have transmissions of 3x100G client signals.

In addition to this features, when the Acacia Denali Digital Signal Processor is combined with the companies silicon PIC technology which is resident in the AC400 Flex optical module series, customers will have the ability to leverage the Denali feature set and performance to that of integrated subassembly.

Through doing this, clients will be able to minimize the investment of system development resources while ensuring that they are able to meet early time-to-market demands. The demand for Acacia’s AC400 series products has led the company to hire a second manufacturer in order to stay afloat with rising demands.

Executive comments on Acacia Denali based products

The Senior Network Engineer, Mark Filer, stated that due to the fact that the company uses baud rate for all of the modulation formats, they are able to fit into the 37.5Ghz fixed-grid.

The CEO and founder of Acacia, Benny Mikkelsen; stated that the company is excited due to the positive intake of its Denali based products which aids in increasing density, flexibility and capacity to optical networks. Mikkelsen further stated that he believes this positive feedback is validation that Acacia is on the right path with its products.


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