Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AERI) Glaucoma Drug Future Is Looking, Bleak


Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ:AERI) is allegedly taking an unethical approach towards declaring their Glaucoma Drug being able to treat patients with Glaucoma effectively and in a timely manner. However, the method that they have to promote this drug is using it on patients that have borderline Glaucoma; meaning that they are not severely ill.

Through doing this, the results of their drug, Rhopressa has done ‘exceedingly well.’ Due to this, the original stock price of Aerie Pharmaceuticals has almost doubled over the previous 5 trading days. In addition to this, the results have aided the company in rising over $125 million.

Aerie Pharmaceuticals has already begun seeking approval from the FDA for Rhopressa to become a standalone treatment for Glaucoma. Aerie’s next pipeline project is a combination medicine called Roclatan which contains Rhopressa.

The results obtained from the implementation of Rhopressa

In order to bolster the positive criticism and feedback on Rhopressa, during the test phases, Aerie Pharmaceuticals specified that only those intraocular pressures of between 20 – 36 mmHg were allowed to apply as a participant. This measurement is borderline for glaucoma.

The theory behind this was to treat patients that had only a mild – low case of glaucoma in order to bolster the results through eliminating patients with advanced glaucoma that requires more efficient treatment.

During the third Phase of Rhopressa last year, the drug failed a monotherapy due to the effectiveness being too low to fight against the disease in patients with advanced glaucoma (this refers to a higher baseline for intraocular pressure).

Previous Rhopressa trial Runs and results

In order to rectify this, during the second Phase III study of Rhopressa, Aeri completely excluded patients that had advanced case of glaucoma, despite the fact that these patients were already actively enrolled into the program.

Keeping in mind that a normal intraocular pressure is between 12 and 22 mmGH, after a period of 90 days, the patients that participated in the Rhopressa treatment had a lower average intraocular pressure. The mean decreased from 23.7 mmGH to 15.6 mmGH.

Currently, Aerie has a market value of over $1 billion, due to this there is an expectation that this product will be launched into the front lines of medical practices, the moment that it is approved by the authorities.


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