Are AgenusInc(AGEN) and Cytokinetics, Inc.(CYTK) Poised For Success In The Biotechnology Industry?


Atlanta, GA – Scibility Media – 10/20/2014.

This article discusses two biotechnology companies: AgenusInc(NASDAQ:AGEN) andCytokinetics, Inc.(NASDAQ:CYTK)

AgenusInc(NASDAQ:AGEN) is a Massachusetts-based biopharmaceutical company that develops immune-oncology candidates. The company’s products include checkpoint modulators, adjuvants, and heat shock protein vaccines. On Oct. 10th, Agenus filed a registration statement that covered the offering of up to $150 million of common stock, warrants, debt securities and units, and preferred stock.

Agenus may soon see its value rise due to its role in the fight against Ebola, which has captured the attention of the United States public ever since a Dallas man was afflicted with the disease. In 2011, the company entered a license agreement with Integrated BioTherapeutics Inc. through which its PS-21 Stimulon adjuvant would be used in the development of a vaccine for Ebola. Testing for Ebola vaccines will notably be expedited due to the government’s sense of urgency.

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On Oct. 13th, 2014, the South San Francisco-based Cytokinetics, Inc.(NASDAQ:CYTK) announced that it had completed five Phase 1 clinical trials for the evaluation of CK-2127107 in health volunteers. Additionally, the company has also completed some Phase II readiness activities. The result showed that the drug should is safe for human subjects to use and that the drug increased the response of muscular to neuromuscular input. In other words, Cytokinetics’ test has proven to be successful.

CK-2127107 would be used for the treatment of diseases and medical conditions that are associated with muscle weakness. With Phase II trials set to begin and trading prices near record lows, Cytokinetics investors may want to consider holding onto, and adding to, their shares.

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