Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


The new Kindle Paperwhite cannot be considered as a perfect character. It has got many flaws holding on the screen. It is wise, but suffers from its past memories. But when it comes to e-reader saga, it plays the leading role.

The screen of new Kindle Paperwhite is brilliant. It is not the first e-reader with lighting effect on the screen. The light-up screen on the Kindle exceeds that of Nook and it solves the light uniformity issues, which are quite evident on the previous version.

Illuminating e-ink screen is little tricky. Solution for this is to make use of nano-printed “light guide”. LEDs sit on the bottom of the device. You can also see a thin plastic screen that comes with tiny patterns that are etched and it carries the light towards the middle and also top of the display.

Scores here gradually disperse the beam, which again allows more light to infuse to top and the nano guides will act as further light source. It creates even distribution of the soft light. The complete screen gently glows. It is much grueling than the back-lit screen and feels pretty comfortable for night reading sessions.

LED light blossoms appear on the screen. It is fainter compared with the other light-source found on Nook. It is the only thing that annoys you; otherwise the Paperwhite screen is flawless.

Text on Paperwhite is crisper and darker when compared with the previous-generation Kindles. Even the background color on screen is lighter when compared with the previous version Kindles.

Tablet makers say that Paperwhite has got 25 % more contrast. It is pretty clear that Amazon has certainly increased the screen contrast. However, it’s not only the screen that you look at; it is something that you can touch. The company has added a pretty good finish to the capacitive screen, which again offers the paper stock feel that is used in hardcover books. The touch screen offers you tactile feel, whereas other e-readers don’t offer.

The other interesting thing on Paperwhite is the physical page-turn button. Using the physical button is healthier at times.

Without any physical buttons, physical execution of the tablet / Paper white puts itself ahead in the competitors list.

It is light, extremely pocketable, and offers you the finest electronic reading experience. The company has raised the bar with more updates to the Kindle software feature.

For the most part, the new Amazon Kindle Paper white can be considered as kind to all e-readers.


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