AMD Helps AP Introduce Virtual Reality Journalism


Advanced Micro Devices and Associated Press are collaborating to bring journalism into virtual reality. Through the use of AMD technology, the AP is planning to produce media which can be presented in virtual reality through VR headsets.

Game Changer

The two partnering companies have determined that sets such as HTC’s Vive and Oculus Rift help raise immersion, greatly affecting the way in which news can be delivered and presented to an increasingly more tech-savvy public. The theory put forward by AMD and AP, is that the new technology will affect the media industry drastically by managing to bring most important moments of past, present, and future to life.

Until now, the majority of predictions for virtual reality have been focused on entertainment and gaming. However, in order to reach the expectations of rapid growth in this market, forecast to reach $30 billion by the end of this decade, VR will have to expand beyond the borders of just those two fields.

Next-Gen Journalism

The collaboration between AMD and AP will produce a channel for the virtual reality experience that will represent a home for next-gen journalism. Through the use of Radeon graphics technology developed by AMD, AP will create realistic virtual reality environments that will be focused on news as well as documentaries. Both hardware platforms and software solutions will be provided by AMD, as well as the virtual reality experience and expertise that will help AP in its foray into the virtual reality of 360 video.

The companies expect that the new technology and approach to journalism will be able to create captivating and realistic news that will pull the viewer into the very core of the events as they are reported. Associated Press editors will maintain control and rights over all editorial content offered through the new VR channel.

With Samsung already having launched its VR headset in the fall of last year, and considering that March and April are when Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will launch respectively, this is expected to be the year that VR truly takes off.


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