AMD Still Lagging Behind Intel


AMD has been making a valiant effort with its new Excavator/Carrizo APUs to finally edge ahead of Intel, especially in the field of graphics, but for now, it is still coming up short.

Carrizo vs. Skylake

AMD made a lot of promises for its latest Carrizo APU release, hinting at a possibility that it could end up not only closing the performance gap with Intel, but also pull ahead in graphics. However, AMD’s claims of improvements of close to 15 percent in IPC, 30 percent in performance per watt, and 65 percent acceleration in graphics speed have not panned out, at least according to the first benchmark test. According to the results, AMD’s new Excavator/Carrizo APUs still lag behind Intel’s latest versions.

While both processors improved between 10 and 15 percent compared to their predecessors, in the end, this still leaves Intel ahead of its competitor. The same thing happened with graphics, as while the improvement compared to the previous Carrizo is certainly welcome, it is still well behind Intel’s Gen 9.

Intel has also been working diligently on bettering its integrated graphics, confirming its dominance in the field. Intel similarly made its mid and high end solutions even more compelling than prior versions with the introduction of the eDRAM at 15W.

Not a Savior

Despite the improvements, it seems unlikely that the new generation of APUs from AMD will alter the company’s fate. With its current performance, AMD has very little chance of attaining significantly more market share, which makes it nearly certain that it will continue to generate losses in both the desktop and laptop segments next year.

There is some hope for the future of the company as the latest infusion of cash will allow AMD to release its Zen architecture in 2017, but everything still hinges on Intel’s advancements not keeping pace, and judging by the current situation, that seems extremely unlikely.


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