AT&T Offers TV-Wireless Package after Direct TV Purchase


AT&T has used the purchase of DirectTV to offer its customers a saving of $10 a month through a bundled TV and wireless services under its latest new package. The company bought DirectTV just over a week ago for nearly $49 billion. The deal resulted in AT&T increasing its TV subscribers under the AT&T’s umbrella from 6 to 26 million. The deal also creates a large pool of potential new wireless users.

New Package for New Customers

The biggest benefit from the change in some ways is that it will allow customers to call a single customer service number for both the TV and wireless services. Employees at AT&T stores are also going to be given significant additional training on how to set up the TV services on the customer’s phones so they can start watching right away, without having to wait for the service to be installed at home.

The available content will remain the same for now, as AT&T and DirectTV already had deals prior to the purchase, to offer each other’s services. The new package will be introduced on August 10, with customers being able to choose any level of TV and wireless service to be eligible for the $10 discount.

TV as Part of the Media Experience

The combination of these companies and the new package seem like a logical transition to the way that new generations perceive television, not as a standalone service, but a part of their whole media and telecoms experience. This is an important step for AT&T, considering that all of their rivals have to rely on partnerships to offer any similar combined mobile-TV services.

As some analysts see it, this represents an important beginning, however only the start. It is clear that more is needed to stay competitive in the current market. Unless there is new and unique content created and offered by DirectTV, AT&T will have to rely on keeping its prices low in order to keep its user base.


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