Audi’s New Crosslane Concept Car


Like BMW X6, coupe crossovers are drawing attention of the manufactures now-a-days, and also luxury compact crossovers, which combine the slow fuel consuming functionality of a compact car with some practicality of a crossover. Audi’s Crosslane, a concept car is making its first appearance at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, and is likely to be seen as Q2 after production.

The new Q2 will be smaller than the current Q3 in size and will have coupe-like roofline, though the production car is likely to come with 5 doors. The company says that the car uses new technology, design and engineering, and provides an idea to the future Q models in design and engineering.

Crosslane is designed with multi-material space-casing, made according to the company’s special principles. The materials include carbon filter, fibreglass, and aluminium. Crosslane weigh just 3,000 pounds and packs combustion engine, Li-ion batteries, and 2 electric motors, which are impressive. It is a convertible because the roof can be removed completely.

The major structures are made of aluminium, whereas the front, rear and within the occupant cell the supporting structures are made with carbon. Fibreglass made with carbon corroboration completes the entire structure. The German automaker says that the structure offers same weight and advantages compared to a carbon fiber monocoque at a lower price.

Audi is expecting that Crosslane will be the first to substitute Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 supercars.

Audi’s hybrid dual-mode driving system is equipped in the new Crosslane. The driving system offers electric or hybrid modes. The setup has a 1.5 litre 3-cylinder turbocharged engine, which works in cycle with two electric motors.

The twin-mode hybrid concept allows diverse operating modes. For a speed range of 34mph, the drive comes only from one single motor even if the combustion engine runs an alternate generator, which powers the batteries.

For a speed range between 34mph and 80 mph, the electric motor and engine work simultaneously. Finally, for speeds of above 80 mph, much work is done by the engine and the electric motor just adds extra thrust. With fully charged batteries, the mileage will be around 200 mpg.

If Q2 gets an approval for manufacturing, the advanced power-train may or may not be offered by the company. We can expect more conservative combustion engine choices both in diesel and gas variants if the car is produced.


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