August Vehicle Sales Figures offered a Pleasing Surprise for the Automotive Industry


Recently,, which is one of the prominent places for auto related information over the internet, estimates that nearly 1,287,603 new vehicles will be marketed in August 2012 for a projectedSAAR(Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate) this month of almost 14.5 million light-weight cars.

In case, the predicted figures hold true, then in terms of the SAAR, August 2012 will become the 2nd best vehicle selling month in 2012, and in terms of overall unit sales achieved, August will be 3rd best month in 2012.

According to Senior Analyst, Jessica Caldwell, the recent vehicle sales displayed indications of flattening in the 1st few months of 2012 summer; hence August’s overall sales numbers will certainly come out truly as a surprise for each and everyone in the present automotive industry.

Auto manufacturers and suppliers have been really very innovative in wrapping hidden spurs in the most recent weeks, and combining that with the marketing of some of the well-known 2012 models, there have been few really compelling deals offered to vehicle consumers.

During the initial weeks of August 2012, Jeremy Anwyl, the present Vice Chairman of, has clearly rendered information pertaining to these hidden incentives, which includes 1 day demo vehicle sales, and stair step programs. The prominent automotive website predicts that 2012 August’s overall sales figures will witness an increase of around 11.7 percent from 2012 July, and a hike of almost 20.1 percent from the last year’s 2011 August sales.

RetailSAARis expected to arrive in at nearly 12.0 million new cars in August, with fleet dealings representing almost 17.0 percent of overall sales. For aSAARof around 36.9 million vehicles, it has been said that almost 3.1 million used vehicles are expected to be marketed in August 2012 as compared to 3.2-million used vehicle sales in July. predicts that the leading carmakers will observe a slight shift in their respective market share during August. It is believed that theUSbased General Motors will have the highest growth with percentage points of +0.6, in between July and August period.

On the other hand, with percentage points of -0.5, Nissan Motors will be last in the list of automakers, which actually experienced good sales from July to August period. The second place is obtained by Ford Motors with percentage points of -0.1, followed by Toyota Motors with 0.0 percentage points.


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