Auto Industry’s Checklist for Achieving Smart Content Marketing


As recently reported by an auto consumer influence survey, nearly seventy percentage of the new vehicle purchasers make use of the World Wide Web as a major exploration device before buying their vehicle ultimately.

Want to know how much time a normal buyer would usually spend researching before purchasing? The answer is really astonishing, since on average, a buyer has been discovered to spend almost 18 to 19 hours searching details of the car they wish to buy on the web.

After identifying that the present-day car buyers spend that many hours surfing for the vehicle related data over internet, it is quite obvious that most of the automotive website owners would wish internet users to spend majority of that hours with their website content. However, it is not that easy to draw the users to one particular website, without a precise content strategy in place.

So, it is time to begin producing an effective content plan that would greatly help in attracting the new vehicle purchasers to the websites. Let’s check out all the content strategies and other related tactics that are working really well for the present-day auto market.

In this regard, 4 effective content strategies have been framed to aid the website owners to drive internet users’ traffic to their respective websites. The four strategies include video, social platforms – Twitter and Facebook, Blogging and guides, pre-qualifying with dialect, and intelligent content marketing.

Video – Since the entire auto industry is extremely visual inclined, website’s content marketing tactic should always have a considerable focus on video. Even though, a normal website owner may not be able to make an ad similar to Honda’s Cog video due to budget issues, one can’t stop being creative.

Twitter and Facebook – At present, social media stands are actually ascertaining to be extremely popular for the modern-day auto business than video. As of now, the social media presence of the auto websites has not yet been reported to have resulted in considerable sales figures, but it certainly helps in producing enthusiasm and product interest among the consumers.

Blogging and Guides – Creating great and lengthy blogs, and informative guides could be regarding as an effective content marketing strategy, since it helps in increasing the rapport of the website.

Pre-Qualifying With Dialect – It is important to make sure that the content of a website is directed towards a particular audience profiles with the help of proper use of language.


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