Blackberry Could Benefit Significantly from QNX


QNX might not be bringing huge revenues to Blackberry just yet, but with consumers more willing every day to pay extra for a first-class infotainment system in their vehicles, the system is likely to turn into a good profit driver for the future.

Early Stages

With only around 60 million of cars equipped with QNX currently, it is clear that automotive systems as well as infotainment systems are still in the early phases when it comes to integration. While nobody can exactly predict what the future will bring, it is not unreasonable to think that at some point in the future these systems will become huge business.

Considering how quickly smart phones have evolved into devices which control nearly all electronics, it is logical progression to assume that smart devices will be used to control people’s vehicles. Considering the billions that are earned by various applications that do nearly everything today, it is safe to assume that soon there will be a host of applications that will perform similar actions with cars.

Part of the Package or Separate

The main issue is whether future buyers will pay additionally for various automotive and infotainment applications or instead, will expect those services to come as part of the deal. While this issue is yet to be resolved, one thing remains unchanged, that the company which creates the best or most popular software for infotainment will come out on top.

There are already several competitors in the field to Blackberry and its QNX. Alphabet has developed Android Auto and Apple has come out with Car Play, both of which are already featured in Cadillac cars. However, with over 60 million vehicles featuring QNX, and with it BlackBerry, the company is already very well positioned in the field.

Whether it will turn into a significant revenue generator for the company down the line however, still remains to be seen.


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