Are Boulder Brands Inc(NASDAQ:BDBD) and Tenneco Inc(NYSE:TEN) Poised To Become Industry Leaders?


Atlanta, GA  – Scibility Media –  10/28/2014.

This article discusses two companies: Boulder Brands Inc(NASDAQ:BDBD) and Tenneco Inc(NYSE:TEN)

Boulder Brands Inc(NASDAQ:BDBD) announced its preliminary third quarter 2014 results on Oct. 22nd, 2014. The company expects a net sales figure of $133.9 million, a 13% increase from the same period during the previous fiscal year. Additionally, Boulder Brands also revealed that it expects its net sales figure to fall within the range of $132 to $137 million.

Boulder Brands is a Colorado-based company that provides health and wellness food solutions in the United States and Canada. As the name suggests, the company is located in Boulder, a rather socially-conscious city that emphasizes the importance of eating the products that it markets: shelf-stable and frozen gluten-free products. The company’s name is recognizable because of the “branding” of its home city.

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Tenneco Inc(NYSE:TEN) announced on Oct. 23rd that its executive vice president of Ride Performance, Josep Fornos, had assumed the position of executive vice president of Clean Air. The previous holder of the position, Neal Yanos, has left Tenneco.

Four days later, the Illinois-based company reported its financial results. The figures included a net income of $78 million, or $1.27 per diluted share, a $66 million increase from the same period during the previous fiscal year. The company’s revenue rose to a figure of $2.081 billion, a 6% year-over-year increase.

Tenneco will also be participating in the 38th Annual Automotive Aftermarket Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event, which will be held on Nov. 3-4, features aftermarket auto parts retailers and original equipment & aftermarket parts suppliers.

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