Buzzing Stocks: eMagin Corporation, China Precision Steel Inc, Chanticleer Holdings Inc


eMagin Corporation (NYSEMKT:EMAN) stock sank by close to 12.8 percent during trading on 7th March, when the news broke out that the company had received “Stop shipment” notice from one of its key customers till such time, that a potential flaw in the wiring mechanism provided by the firm in its Microdisplay is investigated and ruled out to the customers satisfaction. It is of importance to note that in the past couple of months, this is the third stop shipment notice the firm had received from as many customers, resulting in a huge question mark on its products reliability and quality.

China Precision Steel, Inc. (NASDAQ:CPSL) Up Close To 92 Percent During 6th May

China Precision Steel, Inc. (NASDAQ:CPSL) stock has been exhibiting a very amorphous upward and downward movement at the stock market over the past two days of trading. While the market movement has resulted in a huge appreciation in the stock, the actual trigger for this huge pendulum like swings in the stocks prospects is not linked to any specific filing or announcement from the firm’s management. The stock shot up by 92 percent during trading on 6th March.  The jump in investor interest seems mysterious, since no company pronouncements were made in the run up to the Bull Run.

Chanticleer Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:HOTR) Planning To Open New Restaurants In Portland and Seattle

Chanticleer Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:HOTR) ever since it reported the closing of its leveraged buyout of the popular restaurant chain Hooters assets in Oregon and Washington earlier in February, the stock has been shooting up on after burners at the share market. The deal involved the Charlotte based firm acquiring the full rights over Hooters restaurant locations including the existing lease holds on the buildings in which they operate in now. The firm also disclosed that it would be attempting to open up new restaurants in Portland and Seattle in order to cater to the mass appeal its adult themed restaurants have across U.S


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