Can Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL) Hit Success Repeatedly?


When Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL) released its F4Q2016, it was clear that the company exceeded internal guidance and Wall Street expectations. But the question that remains is whether the company can continue surprising on the upside in fiscal 2017 and beyond.

What’s the management saying?

If you asked the management of Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL) what the future looks like, the answer you would get is that the future is promising. The source of management confidence in the company’s prospects is that there is strong demand for the new products that AOSL is rolling out.

In the recently reported quarter, the company reported that solid demand for its new products helped to boost performance across all its segments.

Building on the strength

Given the strong demand for its new products, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL) said it plans to build on that strength going forward. Not only is AOSL driving at rolling out new products, but it is also focused on bringing to market differentiated and market-driven products that can help it to gain market share and improve sales.

It turns out that some of the products that AOSL brought to market last year such as Power IC package for Skylake and unique multi-chip DMOS have already exceeded certain sales milestones. With that, the company is more optimistic of a successful turnaround sooner than later.

Sales of from AOSL’s Power IC product line rose 9% in F2016, building on the 18% growth in the prior year.

As part of the efforts to continue driving sales through new and differentiated products, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL) has announced its latest efficiency power modules called AOZ5166QI-01. It says AOZ5166QI-01 is fully compliant with Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC)’s DrMOS.

AOSL added that its AOZ5166QI-01 is ideal for high-end desktops, servers, graphic cards and work stations. The product is available immediately and it a unit is priced at $2.15.

What transpired in F4QAlpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL)?

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd (NASDAQ: AOSL) posted adjusted EPS of $0.14, significantly up from EPS loss of $0.07 in the comparable quarter a year ago. The EPS figure also exceeded the consensus estimate of $0.05. Revenue of $91.4 million in the latest quarter rose 12.2% YoY and exceeded Wall Street expectations by at least $3.9 million.


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