Steve Jobs revolutionized modern technology.  The name Steve Jobs is synonymous with Apple.  He co-founded Apple Computer and the rest, they say, is history.  He was an inventor and innovator.  He was responsible for making computers accessible to ordinary people (Biography).  The whole world knows how computers changed people’s lives and the way things are done.  Today, Macbook, iPad, iPod, and iTunes are considered leaders in computer technology. Even comparable products from competitor brands can also be attributed to Apple because the industry looks up to them and strives to manufacture technological merchandises that can equal or beat their quality and service.  That is why computers, tablets, and smartphones are very much a part of people’s daily lives.  With that being said, Steve Jobs paved the way for computers to influence different aspects of our culture such as communication, arts, media, music, and literature. 

The innovations and technological inventions of Steve Jobs absolutely influenced media, literature, writing, and research.  Not everyone may possess an Apple computer or a Macbook or an Ipad but definitely, they have access to a personal computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.  This is testament how the world has adopted his innovations and used it to transform culture.  Now, people can bring with them their favorite books, shows, or songs wherever they go in a compact gadget.  This option of portability and flexibility is truly innovative.  But most importantly, it is what we do with this technology that matters in the end.  Steve Jobs said in this speech that death was the single best invention in life (Ibid.).  It is a change agent as this thought compels us to strive to be the best version of ourselves and pave the way for something new and something better.  Steve Jobs wished to inspire us through his works hoping that we could build on what he had done.  The life and works of Steve Jobs was a testament that when you love what you do, good things happen.  His parting words were to stay hungry and stay foolish.  It was a challenge for everyone to not just copy his works but strive to know more and to be better and hopefully, along the way, we can make our own valuable contribution to the society.   

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