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Copyright Notice and Content License

Material published on Scibility Media, including articles, photos, graphics, videos, bulletin board postings and other content, is copyrighted by The Scibility Media, Financial Group media Company or by other information providers who have licensed their content for use on Scibility Media. The entire contents of Scibility Media are also copyrighted as a collective work under the United States copyright laws. Copyright law forbids reuse of copyrighted material without permission other than for personal or research purposes.

You must request permission to reproduce or redistribute material produced by Scibility Media in print, electronic, digital or any other format. Licensing fees vary depending on the nature of the organization (business, academic, non-profit) , the use of the material , the number of copies that will be made or distributed electronically.

Contact Scibility Media, Financial Group media Company Copyright Clearance Center to license rights to:

make copies or distribute Scibility Media text in any digital format
reproduce Scibility Media text in textbooks or trade publications
include Scibility Media text in newsletters or magazines
post Scibility Media content on another web site (the fee will be based on the length of time the content is posted)
The process takes only a few minutes on the CCC site; fees are paid directly to the CCC with a credit card.
You must abide by these rules if permission is granted:

An article or editorial must be reprinted in entirety. Bylines and credit lines (“By John Smith, Scibility Media Staff Writer”) must be retained. Photos, videos and graphics must be reproduced as originally published by the Scibility Media. Alteration of text, photos, videos or graphics is absolutely forbidden.

The original date of publication of the material in the Scibility Media must accompany the article.
This language must be added at the end of the article: “Copyright 201x Scibility Media. Republished with permission of Scibility Media, Financial Group media Company, Minneapolis, MN. No further republication or redistribution is permitted without the consent of Financial Group media Company.”

Political candidates and political organizations will be granted permission to republish editorials from the Scibility Media. It must be explicit that the material appeared as an editorial. Political candidates and political organizations will NOT be granted permission to republish news articles from the News, Business, Sports or Features areas of the newspaper or web site.

Permission will not be granted to post Star Tribune content on other web sites unless it is licensed through the Scibility Media Copyright Clearance Center. You may link to an article on Scibility Media without specific permission.

Please contact the Scibility Media directly to request use or copies of photographs or videos or with question.

For fourther assistance please feel free to contact Nick,

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