Dana Selected as Finalist for the 2013 Auto News PACE Awards


Dana Holding Corp declared that it was nominated as a finalist for the 2013 Auto News PACE Awards owing to its quite efficient, strong Spicer Diamond Series. In the beginning, the technology was launched to the commercial car segment, and has been greatly improved for utilization on light models including pickup trucks.

The innovative driveshaft from the company is the very first to unite distinct metals together, fruitfully coupling steel end fittings with a high strength, single-piece standard aluminum tube. The latest design can even eradicate the middle bearing normally utilized in conventional 2-piece driveshaft, greatly decreasing component setting up and wear costs.

Accordingly, this new technology weighs nearly up to forty-percent less, enhancing load carrying potential, fuel mileage ratings, or both. The corrosion opposing driveshaft from the company also provided many environmental advantages, removing both the requirement to paint the exterior of the tube, and the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding procedure.

The CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and President of Dana, Roger Wood, said that with the proper utilization of high strength aluminum, and proprietary production procedures, the design engineers of the firm were quite successful to considerably decrease weight, and difficulty of the driveshaft, presenting a more durable solution for their consumers to assist them precisely meet the requirement for the new fuel efficient models.

Dana Holding Corporation is dedicated to producing innovative and new advanced technologies that meet the key requirements of future oriented models, and they are extremely pleased for being identified as a new 2013 auto news PACE award finalist once again, and this time for its pioneering work in the development of the latest Spicer Diamond Series driveshaft. The Auto News PACE honors has been known for awarding superior technological improvement, industry overall performance, and innovation among all the auto suppliers on the global market.

Dana was selected among thirty two other pioneering finalists for the upcoming 2013 honors. During April 2012, Dana was rewarded with the 2012 Auto News PACE “Innovative Collaboration” award along with the America based Ford Motors Corporation for their joint venture on the latest Long brand warm-up advanced technology, which has been reported to have the ability to enhance the fuel efficiency of a vehicle by nearly up to four-percent.

Presently, in its nineteenth year, the Auto News PACE awards is identified all over the globe as the automotive industry standard for auto innovation. The forthcoming 2013 PACE Awards is expected to be donated on 15th April 2013 in Detroit, Michigan.


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