Delhi Auto PLC Assists Commercial Cars Obey With Standard Safety Regulations


A worldwide leader when it comes to Advanced Driver Assistance Features, Delphi Auto PLC provides a wide-ranging collection of the new technologies and systems that are targeted at precisely meeting the risingappeal for the latest energetic safety amenities that assists its ultimate vision of an automotive industry with absolutely no accidents, no fatalities, and no injuries.

All the latest technology products that are produced from Delphi are expected to be displayed from 20th September to 27th September at the upcoming IAA Commercial Cars Show, which will be held in Hannover, Germany. Among the new technology features are LDW (Lane Departure Warning) systems and AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) systems, which are most likely to become obligatory safety equipment in the European market for some new commercial cars starting 1st November 2013, and for all latest commercial heavy duty cars by 1st November 2015.

AEB system is also expected to become a portion of the European NCAP overall star car safety rating plan for passenger vehicles starting in 2014. According to Euro NCAP, in the coming days it will actually become virtually impossible for all those vehicles that are completely devoid of the latest AEB system to attain its highly regarded 5-star top safety rating. Watching all these developments, even other nations in other parts of the world are also thinking to adopt identical measures.

In reacting to these anticipations, the company develops on experience from its old 1999 radar based system in the direction of the growth of a complete portfolio of vision, radar, and advanced sensor fusion systems. These new products are in fabrication with consumers across North America, Europe, and Asia. The firm’s autonomous emergency braking equipment are showing their real value on the new passenger vehicles, offering industry topping performance in both pedestrian and vehicle collision avoidance.

At present, all these new technologies will be offered on the global marketplace in order to assist all commercial car manufacturers to precisely obey the forthcoming safety regulations. Already, Delphi has acquired a strategic win with a prominent European commercial car producer that will allow the OEM to obey with the latest AEM 2013 regulation.

The company’s Managing Director of Electronic Controls Industry in Europe, Diedrich said that the European regulators verdict to make both lane departure warning and autonomous emergency braking systems obligatory features for all commercial cars in the European market will not only assist to make the roads a lot safer, but it will also increase awareness and requirement for these advanced life saving technology features.


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