Evolution of Fashion over Years


Fashion has always been a reflection of our society; starting from 1960s, women preferred shorts, hovered on platform heels, while on edged heels. Africa was getting freedom from white colonialists and black social movement was welcomed in America. Keturah Kamugasa, one of the fashion icons who works with New Vision has described how fashion has evolved.

The 1960s:

Sanny Kirya lived in rural areas, the first to taste the urban life once and she never looked back; she had high feel of the fashion that ruled the social scene during 1960s. Men too were fascinated over long hair and today, majority of them prefer short hair. They used wooden comb as an accessory.

Joyce Mpanga had a style in her dressing despite most of them adopting the English conservative style. Joyce is one of the women who went for the garden party as well as Kololo event. Many women adopted their signature wear as hats, suits, and body stocking. The long dresses also arrived later, imitating British style.  The fashion wasn’t excluded during wedding times; Joyce Mpanga’s changing dress had a very long coat, with gloves and hat. The dresses with pleats were very common throughout 1960s and are now making a comeback in the 21st century.

The 1970s:

Transitions were occurring during the 1970s, reflecting a sense of liberation, courage, and freedom. Women tried to expose acres of thigh and leg; the 1970s saw psychedelic shades, prints, neon eye shadow, wide bell bottomed pants, and polo necks, which are the signs of freedom. Women, donning trousers still held on to their skirts and dresses that they deemed as more elegant and feminine.

Between 1980s and 90s:

During this time, women risked being stripped, if she opted for a mini; however, perception changed later and they started wearing mini or short dresses without any hesitation. The more common accessory for a man was round hats, unlike today. You can see old men wearing it even today.

Now there is not so much fear in showing skin or exposing undergarments. Women are more visible in all the areas and with political representation and liberation, woman is now free to express her voice and expose what she wants. Today’s fashion trends have been influenced by the past. Next summer you’ll find yourself adorned with amazing vivid colors, heavenly fabrics, pastels, and soft neutrals.


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