Fibrocell Science Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSC) Kicks The Ball Rolling On FCX-007


Fibrocell Science Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSC) has commenced the recruitment of patients for the Phase 1/2 clinical study of its drug candidate known as FCX-007. The drug is being developed as a treatment for a devastating condition called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB).

FCSC is recruiting adult patients for the study. However, it was not immediately clear how many patients it is targeting.

Genetically-modified drug

Fibrocell Science Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSC)’s FCX-007 is a genetically-modified drug compound. The company is developing the drug in collaboration with its partner Intrexon Corp (NYSE: XOM). It is worth pointing out that FCX-007 is the first genetically-modified drug compound in Fibrocell’s pipeline.

Significant accomplishment

Although Fibrocell is only in the early stages of developing FCX-007 into a marketable product, the management believes that coming to the point of enrolling patients for the Phase 1/2 clinical trial is already a significant milestone. According to the company’s CEO, David Pernock, the Phase 1/2 study of FCX-007 is a meaningful step in the development of a treatment to tackle RDEB, which he describes as a disease with high mortality rate.

Sharply focused attention

Fibrocell Science Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSC) is hoping to give its all to the development of FCX-007 as it embarks on the important Phase 1/2 trial. After it discontinued work its non-genetically modified drug for vocal cord scarring, Fibrocell can now be laser focused on the FCX-007 program. The discontinuation of the non-genetically modified program has also freed up resources that FCSC will now tap to accelerate the development of FCX-007.

Other candidate for Fibrocell Science Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSC)

Besides the lead program FCX-007, Fibrocell has another genetically-modified drug candidate called FCX-013, which is being developed for the treatment of linear scleroderma and other indications.

Fibrocell Science Inc. (NASDAQ: FCSC)’s efforts are being noticed on Wall Street with analysts beginning to predict a bright future for the company. Analysts at Roth Capital have a BUY rating and $7 price target on the stock.


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