Firefox 16 has More Muscle on the Developer Front, but Mac OS Options Don’t


Mozilla has recently declared the public accessibility of Firefox 16 browser, which is the newest edition of the company’s open-source internet browser. Despite the fact that the latest edition is noticeably light on new options that most internet users will clearly spot, there are several vital add-ons under the skin that are expected to make the new Firefox 16 a better working platform for producing application for both mobile web and desktop browser.

But, it misses most of the standard features many trustworthy consumers have been anticipating from the latest version. Firefox 15 had been developed by incorporating plentiful user experience options, including some remarkable backup features for normal web based gaming. The new Firefox 16 is more focused on advancing the browser’s capability to support HTML 5 encoding interfaces, and advanced Cascading Style Sheets options, in addition to a pair of web APIs suited particularly to mobile devices and tablets.

Besides, there is a new option that has been incorporated in the latest browser that will greatly appeal to both power users and developers – a command line that propels most of the internet tools of the browser. Beneath, there is a performance fine-tune to the garbage assortment in Firefox’s JavaScript power-train. It also features a new security option known as opt-in activation that will permit Mozilla to extend, and configure consumers’ internet browsers to provoke them to permit out-of-date or identified susceptible browser add-ons from operating.

But, the latest Firefox 16 edition lacks an integrated PDF reader – while reading PDF files is assisted by means of a browser add-in, the in-house PDF reader still remains experimental. Particularly for Mac consumers, an entire bundle of bug solutions for assistance of Mountain Lion and Mac Operating System X Lion have been missed, without any clue from the company side regarding when they are going to offer those features. All Mac interface enthusiasts expecting all those standard features won’t be pleased anytime soon.

The Developer Command-Line has been incorporated into the browser’s latest Developed Toolbar, which also offers consumers speedy access to integrated web console, page element inspection implements, and JavaScript debugger. Generally concealed, the toolbar could be easily activated just by pressing F2 and shift keys present on the keyboard.

The instructions are all recorded within the help system of the Command Line. Additionally, as the user types into the browser’s new command line bar, the new Firefox 16 auto completes instructions, and provides syntactic assistance in accomplishing them.


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