Ford to Produce Automotive Apps Utilizing Natural Fiber Materials


Recently, Ford Motors Corporation stated that it will produce auto apps by making use of natural fiber materials with joint collaboration of the well-known Weyerhaeuser Company. At present, the automaker is working on the utilization of a natural tree fiber material called as cellulose in some of its plastic combinations used to produce its cars.

The car maker informed that it can considerably reduce discharge of carbon dioxide and overall body weight of their vehicles by exploiting cellulose largely in the production of their auto apps. The United States auto manufacturing firm also mentioned that with the use of cellulose natural material in their auto applications, the processing rate can be enhanced further by nearly up to forty percent.

Both Weyerhae user and Ford Motors are operating together to produce plastic fusion materials, which are greatly sustainable for the upcoming vehicles components. In fact, this is not the first time the American car maker is moving in this direction of production, since it has been formerly utilizing a natural soybean based pad in some of its cars that greatly assists to save roughly 5,000,000 pounds of fuel each year.

The company’s market stock on 28th September 2012 has to this point recorded a reduced of – 1.75 percent to the starting price of around $9.85. With its 52 weeks range standing in between $8.82 to $13.05, the overall company’s market capitalization stays at around $37.49 billion. It has been reported that that the company’s market stock worth in the present global trading session is around 8.00-million shares.

When it comes to its market share capital, it has nearly 3.81-billion outstanding market shares, amongst them almost 3.73-billion shares have been drifted in the present market exchange. With +12.58-percent, the automaker is well ahead of its fifty-two week low, but with -23.42-percent, it is evidently lingering from its fifty-two week high. The firm’s previous month’s market stock unpredictability remained at 1.88-percent.

As per the latest stats, the American automaker has a present beta coefficient of around 2.32. Generally, beta factor of any company for that matter determines the precise measure of market threat connected with market exchange. The company’s last 12 months value of market sales ratio stands at 0.29, and value to cash ratio stays at 2.53. To the extent that the earnings are concerned, the car maker’s profit on investment is registered as 15.75-percent, while its earnings on total resources remaining at around 10.14-percent.

On the other hand, the present market session stock size of Weyerhaeuser firm has been reported as 599,476.00 shares, compared to its average size of 4.69-million shares.


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