Freescale Asserts to be First MCU to Gain Standard ISO 26262 Certification


Recently, the well-known Freescale Semiconductor Inc has declared that its latest Qorivva MPC5643L standard 32-bit MCU was qualified for fruitful agreement with the ISO’s (International Standards Organization) 26262 standard by a leading independent well-recognized evaluator named Exida.

Basically, ISO 26262 is nothing but a functional safety benchmark for general auto electronics. As claimed by the Texas based semiconductor manufacturing company, Freescale Inc, its new Qorivva MPC5643L is the very first MCU in the entire industry to gain standard ISO 26262 certification.

The latest Qorivva MPC5643L 32 bit Microcontroller has been developed based on company’s Power architecture, and it is mainly designed for utilization in a number of general auto applications that normally need high sophisticated auto safety integrity including active suspension, electric power steering, radar based ADAS (Advanced-Driver-Assistance-Systems), and anti lock braking units.

As informed by its manufacturer, the new MCU will be appropriate for exploitation for a wide variety of ASIL (Auto Safety Integrity Levels), which even consists of the most rigid level -ASILD. The new MCU is in fact part of the firm’s most recent SafeAssure program, which delivers a broad solution of set of MCUs, analog ICs, and sensors, in addition to assistance for standard functional safety app design that consists of safety documentation, training, and technical assistance.

The present Automotive MCU division’s VP (Vice President) of Freescale Semiconductor Inc, Ray Cornyn has recently mentioned in one of his comments that the latest ISO 26262 certification of the company’s Qorivva 32-bit Microcontroller unit by the famous Exida clearly emphasizes an extra evidence of the firm’s sincere efforts, and absolute commitment in the direction of greatly easing consumers’ development of standard functionally safe and secure electronic devices.

In terms of ISO standards, functional safety simply indicates the complete nonexistence of unreasonable threat because of hazards that are resulted by the malfunction of both electronic and electrical apparatuses. In general, ISO 26262 plainly targets each and every auto related systems, and includes nearly ten main parts including stipulations for software, hardware, their integration, and the growth and the construction procedures.

The company mentioned that since the new MPC5643L microcontroller unit will be the only constituent in such kind of systems, the leading Exida assessor modified the evaluation scope to each and every stipulations of the standard ISO 26262 certification that were recognized as pertinent to a standard MCU.

The MPC5643L 32-bit MCU was effectively evaluated and licensed against all important MCU related clauses of the standard ISO 26262 certification.


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