Frost & Sullivan Applauds InvenSense Inc’s (NYSE:INVN) Coursa Retail For Its Innovation To Succeed


InvenSense Inc (NYSE:INVN) has received the Company of the Year Award thanks to the 2016 North America Frost & Sullivan. The recognition is based on the recent analysis of InvenSense’s retail location intelligence market, which is a leading provider of motion sensing and tracking technology. It has also affected market dynamics, which has resulted in the launch of Coursa Retail, a retail location intelligence solution.

According to Brendan Read, Industry Analyst at Frost and Sullivan having in-depth knowledge of customer behavior is becoming very competitive within the retail market. It enhances the retailer’s ability to maximize on sales.

Coursa Retail’s development, operation, and success

It is a platform that gives magical experience to customers. Retailers who are interested in obtaining excellent shopper insights can use Coursa Retail. Some of the insights include missed conversions purchase sequence, and traffic flow by department among others. It operates in the background by tapping into possibly the best and the most omnipresent customer-locating methods available.

The platform does not require synchronized engagement by the shopper because its sensors entrenched into everyday Smartphones, which are activated through the retailers’ existing iOS. Its mobile software development kit (SDK) and server solution are well integrated hence it requires no infrastructure other than Bluetooth beacons at the store entrance and exit points.

Coursa Retail has been recognized by the September 2016 issue of Shopper Marketing Magazine, which outlines that its advantages are of a higher magnitude than those of the existing solutions on the market.

What this technology implies

The new Coursa Retail market solution is completely different from its peers. It has more power in optimization of merchandise, store planning in addition to staffing, and convenience. It solves the IT complexity, which in return shuns away lengthy integrations, with stores’ systems even as more retailers tie loyalty programs into mobile apps.

Clearly, it is innovation whose focus is on driving business performance. Its success will create room for diversification and expansion into new markets. Apparently, the platform is available for retail pilot deployments and comes at a time when the company’s Smartphone and tablet markets are catching up in maturity.


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