FTC Concluding Google Antitrust Probe


Federal Trade Commission from US is concluding its antitrust in investigating Google Inc. (GOOG) in coming weeks.

The agency staff will present the findings for the commission members by this September and they might recommend whether to sue the company for hurting the competition through Internet dominance or suggest a basis for the settlement.

Google, the world’s largest operator in search engine segment, is engaged in discussions with European Commission. Rivals have complained that search engine will promote own specialist search services, restaurant and travel reviews, and strengthen the competition in advertising industry via agreements linked with the websites as well as software developers.

Details that are proposed by Google to EU haven’t been revealed. Google’s proposal includes offer to make very limited number of changes for searching the rankings.

FTC was not aware of Google’s proposal to the European counterparts. The agency is open to the proposal raised by Google.

Global Settlement

Global settlement will certainly wrap everything more cleanly, said Jeffrey Jacobovitz in Washington.

California-based Google’s Mountain View spokeswoman, Jill Hazelbaker, did not respond to the phone calls and e-mails seeking comments on present status of FTC probe. FTC spokeswoman, Cecelia Prewett declined to comment on this issue.

Google is also under growing the pressure from the global regulators, who examine the company in the awkward competition across various web searches. In addition to EU and FTC probes, antitrust agencies located in South Korea and Argentina are scrutinizing company.

Google has recently disclosed that FTC has started reviewing the business practices. Investigation is completely focused on Google’s unfair search results to their own business and increasing the advertising rates for the competitors.

The agency is also examining if the company is using the control of Android OS to discourage device makers using the rival applications.

Chairman’s Schedule

Jon Leibowitz, FTC Chairman said in the interview that he is expecting to resolve Google antitrust investigation.

European Union’s antitrust agency has started investigating Google claims discriminated in the year 2010 against services in the search results and put an end to few websites accepting ads from competitors.

In the month of June 2011, European Commission conveyed that it has reached a level to cope up with Google’s operations and their proposals for further talks.


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