IBM Making Smartphone Version of Watson


Researchers from International Business Machines spent almost 4 years in developing Watson, the computer, which is smart enough for beating the champions of quiz show. Now they are trying to figure the capabilities of the phone that fit your pocket.

Bernie Meyerson, VP of IBM innovation thinks of a voice activated Watson that answers all the queries, like the supercharged version of Apple Siri personal assistant. It is amazing- for instance, a farmer can stand in the field and ask the phone, when to plant the corn. Probably, he would get the reply in seconds based on historical trends, location data, and scientific studies.

Finding additional uses of the smart computer is the company’s plan to tap new markets as well as boosting the revenues from business analytics. The company is expecting to boost revenues to $16 billion by the end of 2015. The next version of Watson would be more efficient to work on tablets and smartphones.

The power that takes to manufacture Watson is dropping and you will also have access to an incredible engine with knowledge base.

Technical Challenges

The company is expecting to generate more revenue by offering Watson for sale and working in various other aspects like finance, healthcare, etc. It is the company’s high profile product since it has sold the personal computer unit to Lenovo Group.

IBM challenge is overcoming technical obstacles for making Watson a handheld product.

The nerve center of Watson is 10 racks of Power750 servers that run in Yorktown Heights. It also has the processing power of almost 6,000 desktop computers. Watson smartphone application still consumes more power practically.

It takes some more time for Watson to perform the machine learning that is necessary to become a reliable assistant in one particular area.

Researchers are adding voice as well as image recognition for the service, so that the device can respond to the actual practicality.

In the 2.0 version, you can expect more senses. The company path towards the mobile-assistant market will contrast with Apple. IBM is completely focussed on corporate customers, while Apple targets the one who purchases their phones.

Apple has concentrated more on Siri for focusing the new iPhone 4s that was released last year. Siri has become one of the defining characteristics of iPhone.

With Watson, the company wants to tackle few more tricky questions. The program will also be able to understand Oncology that is enough to advice doctors on prescriptions and diagnosis.


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