Is Rap is the Future of Financial Education?


These days, with kids constantly bombarded with information from their smartphones, tablets, TV and all other forms of communication it can be hard to get them to concentrate on areas that could really set them up for success later in life, one such area is financial acumen.

Setting Essential Information to Hip Hop

One of the latest innovations in getting children to listen to information is to set it to hip hop music. By including essential information such as the importance of paying off your credit card balance each month in the lyrics of specially designed rap tunes, schools are starting to notice that the students from grades 6 to 12 are actually starting to take more notice rather than drifting off during classes on sensible financial management.

The new ‘financial education raps’ are part of a complete new program that includes the music which is then supported by quizzes and worksheets to make sure that the message in the songs is actually sinking in. With the pilot project now in place in over 35,000 schools, teachers are also noticing that students are more engaged during these rap based classes and are asking not only more, but smarter questions about financial issues.


Not everyone is so keen to support this new way of teaching children about money matters, as they feel that it is taking financial education out of real life and moving it more into entertainment. Many opponents to the scheme say that it is more important that parents show children how to be fiscally responsible by using everyday life lessons such as pointing out why they are buying a used car instead of a new one and explaining things like how credit cards work when they are actually using them.

Despite the differing views on the right way to educate kids, the most important point is that kids are learning responsible financial management. A skill that is likely to grow in importance as time goes on.


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