Israeli Fashion Coming Soon to a Boutique in US


Ruti Zisser, American-based fashionista is on a mission to get apparels from her favorite Israeli designers to the US market. Ruti an Israeli, but living in US where she runs boutiques, selling products by Israeli designers, remembers Jessia, an American PR lady with a faint pang of guilt. Jessica preps Ruti for her every communication with press and suggests her what to portray and how to say things to the media. The 38-year old Ruti says that in States, things are done in a different way, but immediately claims that she tends to disregard Jessica’s suggestions. Zisser says that Jessica had a particular concept about the identity that she wanted to put for Zisser’s label, but she didn’t consider as it was not her thought and that didn’t match up with Ruti’s vision.

Now as a part of her vision, she offers Americans with the wares of her favorite Israeli artist, especially being creative, yet flattering and comfortable ladies apparel. She designs for her women of her age, not just for those who’re above 30. Zisser says the word ‘comfortable’ doesn’t really mean being sexy. In her view, many reports and magazine editors prefer to use words like glamorous, exclusive, chic, and sexy when describing apparels but according to her, comfort dresses are personally preferred and Israeli designers have that taste and she liked their designs despite residing in US. She says many of her American customers too like comfort in dressing.

Ruti Zisser came to US about a decade back through her work for Amdocs, a high-tech firm, where she was serving as a project manager. She wasn’t happy at work as she was more interested in clothing and designs. She started taking advantage of working trips back to her native to shop for accessories and dresses. Her obsession on filling wardrobe with amazing stuffs didn’t stop, though her family shifted to California and later she thought of changing her passion into a profession. Many laughed at her when she said that she would be opening an Israeli designer clothing store in US; many thought what a small country like Israel would offer to the big America. She started undertaking preliminary market study and came to know the first biggest thing is quality and then the ability of the designer to meet bulk orders in addition to issues of taste and style. She opened her first boutique, Ruti in 2009 at Palo Alto and launched branches in LA and SF. Many people consult her even now and appreciate her work. She is now planning to develop online store and locations for the launch of two new boutiques.


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