Do You Know What Sito Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ: SITO) Wants To Do Next?


Sito Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ: SITO) reported a successful 2Q2016 in which both earnings and revenue outpaced expectations. There are three specific operation areas that the company the company has been focusing on in the recent times and have helped produce inspiring results. For the balance of 2016, the management has said that it will continue to focus on those areas. But, what are they?

Expanding relationship with existing clients

One of the three key priority areas that Sito Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ: SITO) has been focusing on lately is increasing the number of marketers on its mobile products. On top of that, the company has been working on getting deeper with its existing clients. That is how Sito Mobile has got to where it is today and it is something that management says it wants to continue to do in the balance of 2016 with the hope of fueling rapid revenue growth.

Expanding partner ecosystem

Sito Mobile has built relationships with a number of partners and that has produced some fruits for the company. The management is focused on not only expanding those partner relationships, but also extending the reach of the platform.

Product innovation

The third and what the management describes as the most important priority is continuing product and services innovation. Sito Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ: SITO) has an agenda of distinguishing its offerings from the competition and the best way to maintain its leadership as a provider of superior mobile advertising solutions is by coming up with innovative products.

Sito Mobile is also working to impress its clients and partner with campaigns that render superior transparency.

If Sito Mobile executes well on these three fronts, the management said it should be easy to grow revenue rapidly and improve all other performance areas.

How 2Q2016 unfolded for Sito Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ: SITO)

Sito Mobile Ltd (NASDAQ: SITO) posted EPS of $0.04, beating the consensus estimate that called for EPS loss of $0.04. Revenue of $9.9 million rose 168% YoY and outpaced the consensus estimate of $7.5 million.


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