Knowledge Groups in the Auto Business Creating Innovations Through Years


The vehicle has been considered as the most complex product that a good number of customers will ever buy. Congruently, the auto business, formerly produced by inventors, stays a business that utilizes most of the groundbreaking innovation and requires endless creativity and advanced high technology contributions.

Midwest Turns Out to be Auto-Hub of USA

Implementation of new automobile technologies concerning to vehicle electronics, emissions, safety, connectivity, power train, and fuel economy denotes chances for auto manufacturing firms that are situated nearby knowledge hubs to make best use of the innovative collaborations intrinsic in these groups. Almost 60-percent of the automobiles in North America are actually designed and assembled in the Midwest.

Being treated as the heart of the American auto business, most of the auto-connected knowledge and innovation groups are largely predominant in the Midwest region of the United States. As per the latest stats, roughly 3/4th’s of the yearly investment of almost $20-billion in auto Research and Development funding that is made in the United States is invested in the Midwest regions.

For instance, the well-known Michigan Auto Research and Development Industry, labors an estimated auto professionals of around 65,000, and is common address to almost 330 auto R & D firms in the nation. The auto R & D services in the Midwest region include auto supplier facilities, car maker facilities, TARDEC (Development and Engineering Centre), NVFEL (National Vehicle and Fuel-Emissions Laboratory), and the United States Army Tank Auto Research.

EPA NVFEL Lab Contributed Heavily During 1970s

Founded back in the 1970s, the renowned EPA NVFEL lab was a vital institution in the region for drawing additional investment in Research and Development activities to the zone, since car makers had to groom cars for emissions examination nearby.Ontario, which is an affiliation between university and the automotive industry, greatly promotes practical auto research activities in many areas. Ontario is also the location where both Bio-Auto Commission and Bio-Car Initiative are located, thus making it as the area, which can be considered as the heart of bio-based auto supplies.

Other important car related groups are situated in Tennessee, Carolinas, and Virginia, which present many significant auto safety research hubs including Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, National Crash Analysis Facility, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Clemson University’s Global Center for Auto Research.

With its Silicon Valley Heritage and resilient university system,California region acts as a high technology research hub, and directs a considerable quantity of research into advanced power-train technologies, alternate fuels, and intelligent transportation systems. As per recent reports, considerable amount of research activities are being done in Michigan relating to alternative power-trains by most of the leading car makers, and leading suppliers.


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