Latest Cloud Computing Bets from Oracle


When the creator and CEO of Oracle, Lawrence J. Ellison is marketing his products, the statements may require a little inspection; however, the tenor is really seamless for times. Most recently on September 30th Sunday evening, Mr. Ellison initiated his latest Oracle Open world meeting in the presence of in excess of 10,000 business people and engineers, completely soaked in illuminations of Oracle red.

It has been believed that almost 1-million and more individuals have viewed the latest company’s gathering online. During gathering, he has made many huge product declarations for advanced enterprise computing. The company is presenting the cloud computing facility that it launched previous year as a distinct unit, which could be rented by business owners, and maintained at the back of their own standard security firewalls.

The firm has a newly formed cloud database known as 12c, which is clearly a unique technique of retrieving a database in the present cloud computing environment. The company has an upmarket and quick new slice of computing hardware that is expected to be offered with a list price as low as $200,000, with profound discount offers outside that.

Some of the assertions made by the company’s founder that went along with his recent declarations at the gathering will undoubtedly be disturbed by the opposition. As informed by Oracle’s CEO, this might undeniably be the very first multi-renter cloud computing database in the whole world. He added that the latest cloud computing hardware has the capability to shift information almost twice as quick as devices from EMC organization, and rates nearly one eighth as high as devices from IBM.

However, during the meeting, Mr. Ellison conveyed some significant facts. For one, the huge Silicon Valley organizations, including Oracle and HP (Hewlett Packard) are presently accepting cloud computing service for their business proceeding very earnestly. They are planning to fight against cloud confronts from Google and Amazon by assuring better safety standards, consistent industry level practices, and a greater quality of facilities.

They are trading these pieces to the company’s top levels, while Google Inc. and Amazon have prospered by properly communicating to individual department heads and engineers. At the present rates, Oracle realizes that its new cloud offerings are ideal products for both medium sized and small business enterprises. That is possibly true, and it indicates that thousands or even millions of companies will pretty soon appear in the cloud computing environment in some or the other form, producing and examining information in huge volumes.


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