Mexico’s Light-Vehicle Attempts Greatly Assist Providers


As the auto industry of Mexico inevitably advances in the direction of its primary goal, which is also the federal government’s main objective, of an established construction capacity of around four-million light cars by 2017 fiscal year, it has been said that chances for plastics manufacturers are turning bigger and bigger, as the days pass by.

Plastic Suppliers are in Demand!

During an important plastics industry meeting that was held during late September 2012, Eduardo Solis Sanchez, the Chief Executive President of Mexico’s Automotive Business organization “Asociación Mexicana de la Industria Automotriz AC” (Amia), had mentioned that almost all carmakers in the nation are presently looking out for plastic suppliers.

At the most recent 2-day yearly conference of country’s Plastics Business alliance “Asociación Nacional de IndustriasdelPlástico AC” (Anipac), Eduardo added that the nation’s automakers are really not interested in importing body parts and components from other neighboring regions at all cost. He also mentioned that all tire one providers are most likely to get the best opportunity to exploit the increasing demand for plastic in the nation.

During the same occasion, Rina Quijada of the well-known Houston headquartered IntelliChem Inc, a company that is renowned for offering brainpower for the plastics and petrochemical businesses in Latin America region, told that the average quantity of plastics and other related compounds in light cars amplified from certain pounds in 1960 to nearly 375-pounds during 2010 fiscal year.

Future Predictions for Plastic Usage

Rina Quijada added that by 2015 model year, the plastic content is most likely to account for nearly ten-percent i.e. 397-pounds of a vehicle’s average overall body weight of around3,970 pounds. Even though, not present at the recent convention, Thomas Karig, the VP of Business dealings and strategy of VW Motors Group’s Mexican operations, recently mentioned through an email that it is absolutely safe to declare that polymer utilization  for the automaker Group manufacturing in NA might augment by nearly thirty-percent until 2018 model year as compared to 2011.

A main concern that has been expressed by nearly 70 envoys and presenters is the lack of professional machine operators, and mold manufacturers in the Mexican nation. Sergio Beutelspacher Sandoval, one of the prominent prolific investor of over 1,000 independently designed blow and extrusion molding tools, recently said that the main problem that they are facing at present is nothing but shortage of skilled work force. Due to the same reason, several hundreds of molding machines have been exported across China and America. So, Mexico’s light-vehicle assembly will certainly help the cause!


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