Michelle Obama Rallied Supporters at Early Voting in Ohio


First lady Michelle Obama rallied supporters of Barack Obama in Ohio where she said that Democrats expect to take benefits of a lead in polls.

Obama is just focusing on much waited first debate on Wednesday against his challenger, Republican nominee Mitt Romney, while Michelle led the Democrat’s team in swing state of the city, directing her husband’s followers to rally to a local election poll and cast early ballots ahead of a month before the main voting day of Nov6.

All Obama administration’s hard work and progress are on the line on November 6 and inOhio, it’s already an election day, she said to a crowd of6,800 inCincinnati. Influencing electors to cast their votes in early polling through mailed-in absentee forms or personally has become the key point of the Barack Obama’s campaign tactic in swing states, includingOhio.

Voters who casted ballots early tend to rally relatives, or friends among crowds that are less frequent electors such as ethnic minorities, low-income people, and youngsters. It is highly speculated that such groups are going to vote Obama.

The Democratic group campaign is interrupting less excited supports with direct mail appeals, home visits, and phone calls. Last time’s presidential election held in 2008 had around 30% of votes cast early and out of that roughly 60% voted for Barack Obama. His campaign seeks to convince at least half of the followers to cast early votes.

Voters supporting his as well as Romney’s campaign gathered near polling locations on Tuesday in 88 ballot counters and pleaded more than 900,000 absentee voters. According to Real Clear Politics, Obama may lead Romney inOhioby average of 5 points. In 2008, 8.2million Ohioans had registered to vote, while this time is 7.8 million, according to one of the election officials.

The 18-year old student, Daunte Thomas walked the rally along with his fellow mates fromClevelandStateUniversityto cast votes for Barack Obama. He said he wasn’t aware that today was the first day to vote, but he received campaign emails and decided to vote.

An early voting for Mitt Romney was conducted inCincinnatidrew approximately 45 supporters and one among the supporters was 60-year old John McHugh. Mr. John, a former auto worker said that he supports former Massachusetts governor as Obama failed to lower the unemployment numbers and ‘tone deaf’ on US economy.


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