Microsoft Gives Support to Cloud Mobile Services


The software giant Microsoft rolled out an update to Windows Azure Mobile Services, which adds support for communications methods, data storage and possibility to connect Mobile Services using iOS apps.

In August, Redmond made its debut in Mobile Services that shows an easy path for developers in deploying the backend services for their applications on Windows Azure cloud platform with the help of a web-based interface, and without writing a server-side code.

Currently, it was made “mobile” because Windows Store Apps are the only apps that can be connected to Mobile Services and even Windows Phone apps were not supported. The update to the cloud offers the choice to connect Mobile Services with iOS apps. Redmond’s new SDK takes less than 5 minutes for adding Mobile Services support to an iOS app.

Microsoft is also supporting Apple with the Mobile Services upgrade. The new version permits the mobile application users to validate with services by using their Twitter, Google, or Facebook accounts. Windows Live accounts were supported previously.

Additionally, Mobile Services is now allowing the programmers to access more storage types on Windows Azure platform. The basic SQL database storage was the only one that was supported at the time of the preview launch. By using Azure’s Tablets functionality, data can also be stored as value/key pairs by the apps.

Users can have their apps send SMS text messages or emails through Microsoft’s associate companies and also subscribe/publish messaging using Message Bus service. Windows Azure Portal helps to build, create, deploy, and run instance Websites freely.

The above-mentioned additions are available for all Microsoft’s ongoing Mobile Services preview event participants. Developers during the preview can freely create and deploy Mobile Services but not more than 10 Mobile Services, with 165MB/day outbound data capacity and no SLA (Service Level Agreement).

For a new customer, Windows Azure offers a free trial version; by signing up to Azura we can get access to Azura services and free websites. The trial version includes free access to storage, Azura SQL Database, compute hours and try out the full power of Azura Services for 90 days. We can continue using the free websites or upgrade our subscription and just pay for the Azura services.

Redmond said that in future it will extend its support to Android for Mobile Services and also to many other platforms. But, it declined to give a time estimate on when the other SDKs will be available.


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