Mitt Romney Says Abortion wouldn’t be on His Agenda


Mitt Romney, republican nominee for US president said that he wouldn’t put much pressure on the strict aborting legislation, if he wins the victory. He doesn’t intend to pursue lawsuits to control abortion, said to the editorial board of Des Moines Register on Tuesday, setting off a conflict over the controversial social problems.

Abortion Issues Not on His Agenda

He wouldn’t wish to add legislation in relation to abortion in his agenda, according to a Iowa website.  He said he might think of reinstating executive order of a ban on American dollars that are being used to pay for abortion aboard; the current president Barack Obama has cancelled that ban.

His open statement to the editorial register encouraged leading Democrats to blame him of challenging positions that he took during the Republican primaries. Romney had called himself ‘severely conservative’ and “pro” life during the primaries. He had first supported aborting legislations and now he wants to support the issue in case of emergency, such as incest, rape, and saving mother’s life.

Controversies since 2007

Barack Obama’s campaign pointed that Mitt Romney said he would hire Supreme Court justices who helps in solving overturn Wade versus Roe and if the court ruling aborted rights were overturned and Congress Party passes a ban, regarding the same issue, then Mitt Romney would sign it. During a GOP primary debate back in 207, Romney admitted that he would be happy to sign such bill.

After his interview with Register, it was published on the web; Andrea Saul, republican supporter told to the associated press that Romney is proudly living pro-life and Americans should take pride in electing a pro-life president. She said his government, if elected would support legislation aimed at offering a greater and safer life. When Times asked her whether or not his position on abortion legislation had changed, she didn’t answer directly, but repeated the same what she had already told to AP.

When It All Started…

The controversy arose when Mitt Romney tried to take support of women; even the public opinion polls sates that he has huge lead among women than Obama. Romney was also seen performing well at the debate over Obama. Now he is almost equal to Obama in terms of polling numbers.

The former Massachusetts governor said that his presidency would support middle class and helping them to do better and lifting the poor class into the middle.


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