NanoViricides Inc. (NYSEMKT: NNVC) Receives Valuable FDA Guidance, Big Move Next?


NanoViricides Inc. (NYSEMKT: NNVC) is teaming up with experts at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in anti-influenza drug development programs. The move comes after the company recently obtained what the management termed as valuable guidance from the FDA on influenza drug development.

After receiving the FDA guidance, NanoViricides Inc. (NYSEMKT: NNVC) has been engaged in a range of activities revolving around its influenza drug candidate FluCide-I. Those activities included studies of chemistry, manufacture and control of the compound as well as ways to scale up its production.

NanoViricides’ other activities have involved expanding its anti-influenza pipeline beyond the lead candidate FluCide-I. As such, the collaboration with St. Jude is expected to help the company speed up the development of additional anti- anti-influenza candidates that are superior to FluCide-I.

What is the NanoViricides objective?

First, NanoViricides said that testing of the various candidates for treatment of influenza will be carried out at the laboratories of St. Jude doctors Robert G. Webster and Elena Govorkova. The company said these physicians have extensive experience on issues that range from different influenza strains and infections.

Therefore, the company hopes that collaboration with influenza experts at St. Jude will pave the way for drugs that can be used to successfully treat influenza in humans. NanoViricides Inc. (NYSEMKT: NNVC) is driving at developing both oral and injectable influenza treatments through its partnership with St. Jude. According to the company, oral administration of anti-influenza drug is preferred for outpatients and injectable administration is favored for patients in hospitals.

The testing of the various anti-influenza compounds will involve assessing the safety and efficacy of the candidates.

Profile boost

Collaborating with St Jude in the anti-influenza drug development program should also provide a profile boost to NanoViricides Inc. (NYSEMKT: NNVC). The institution has been designated a WHO collaborating center for influenza. NIH has also designated St Jude as a center of excellence for influenza research and surveillance.

What happened in 1Q2016 to NanoViricides Inc (NYSEMKT: NNVC) ?

While reporting its 1Q2016 results, NanoViricides Inc (NYSEMKT: NNVC) said that expenses going to R&D rose in the quarter compared to a year ago because of an increase in its clinical programs. R&D spending is expected to continue swelling, but the investment is expected to pay off when the company launches its product on the market.


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