New App that Tracks Objects in War-Field


A new software that depends on the imaging abilities and global positioning system (GPS) of smartphones can determine the correct location of far-off object and also monitor the direction and speed of the moving objects, according to a study.

This software could gradually let soldiers armed with smartphones to aim their enemies’ location. On the home front, such a software could be useful to everyone. For instance, golfers can judge the distance to the green, while biologists can document a rare animal’s location without troubling it.

A doctoral student studying at the University Of Missouri College Of Engineering, Qia Wang said that the biggest advantage of having a smartphone is that it has several tools integrated in one readily available package that is relatively inexpensive. He led the software development, according to reports from the journal Proceedings of the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers.

Here’s what Wang says about the software. For instance, a soldier requires a compass, GPS, range finder, and other such tools on the war-field to do the investigation before calling for an air strike.  With this new software, the warrior can have all these equipments in a single device, which can be bought off the shelf. Once the soldier comes back from the war, he can make use of the same software to safeguard his family by timing a speeder near the children’s school and capturing the offender on video.

Wang along with his colleagues designed their software to find and track:

  • Targets of identified size. When the target size is known, one image is sufficient to identify the location of the target. The software evaluates the longitude and latitude of the target by making use of the smartphones’ compass reading, GPS location, and the distance to reach the target depending on the target’s relative size in the picture as against its known size in real life.
  • Targets of unknown size: In case the accurate target size is not known, this software makes use of 2 images to find the target location.
  • Moving targets: The software can evaluate the speed at which the target is moving and its direction by capturing a short video of the moving target.

This new targeting and tracking software is not yet offered commercially. A prototype model has been designed and is presently undergoing testing. More methods and algorithms are being devised to enhance the accuracy and speed.

These discoveries were exhibited at the Geospatial InfoFusion II conference.


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