New Civic Type R Returns along with New Fit-based CUV and Super Sports Bike


Targeting almost 39 million customers globally across the automobile, power equipment, and motorcycle line for the year 2017, the CEO of Honda, Takanobu Ito has announced quite a few exciting models, which will be performance oriented as well as fuel efficient. You can see all kinds of cars from super fast ones to clean cars.

According to US news, Acura RLX is the only vehicle confirmed for the upcoming 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show. Honda fans from Europe have more number of models to watch out for. The fans will also experience the NSX drive in 2014. The NSX super car uses 3-motor hybrid system and AWD technology.

After five years of break, Honda CEO, Ito has confirmed the new Civic Type-R and it will return to Europe by the year 2015. You don’t see any details revealed for this high output- Civic. However, Ito has mentioned that the new Goal of Honda is to manufacture the new Type-R as fastest FWD vehicle. The new type-R is under the testing phase. 

Civic Type-R Euro-spec was discontinued in the year 2010 because of the stricter emissions standards. There is no official confirmation from the company regarding the new Type-R for US customers.

Headed to the European car market is the next-generation subcompact crossover based Honda Jazz/Fit. You can see new Fit making its debut next year, and the company also says that the crossover version will go on sale within 2 years. Both these vehicles will be manufactured at the new Honda assembly plant at Guanajuato Celaya, Mexico. There will be a new electric model for Europe, US, and Japan customers.

Not only limited to Europe, the company also has plans to expand their manufacturing units and production lineup in India and China with almost 10 models by the end of 2016. You can see a new diesel model in India in 2014, since there is a lot of demand for the diesel versions.

Ito did not limit the news just by speaking about the future cars; he also announced that the motorcycle division will introduce a new sports bike. The new super sports bike is completely based on the MotoGP racing bike.

Super Sports Motorcycle

The company has already started developing the super sport motorcycle. Technologies from MotoGP machines will be used for this particular model. The new bike is expected to deliver the same excitement and passion. New RC30 super sports bike was introduced for the first time in the year 1987.


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