No Annual-Contract Android Line of T-Mobile has been expanded with the New T-Mobile Concord


T-Mobile plans to provide a great deal of lure to Smartphone beginners so as to power consumers who might jump for its really unlimited data. And now, the latest ZTE Concord appears to be the right type of bait for its loyal consumers.

The truly vintage 2010 Android 2.3 device with a standard 3.5 inches display, and two megapixel camera has not been able to race the pulse of the present day consumers, but the most recent $100 contract-free quote is extremely hard to overlook by anyone, including consumers who would be searching for a normal ‘just does calls’ kind of flip phone device.

For that very reason, the carrier strategizes to place the new Concord in the presence of viewers who would hardly bother to turn up in an out-and-out cell phone outlet. All those consumers, who normally feel quite comfortable with the standard Walmart Family Mobile Scheme, could now visit their nearest Walmart outlet to buy the new phone.

On the other hand, the consumers who would display fealty to the new T-Mobile are required to swing by means of a target warehouse on or after 26th August 2012. T-Mobile is all set to provide the most inexpensive no annual contract new Android Smartphone device for just under $100.

All those consumers, who are looking forward to buy their very first smartphone gadget, would definitely be pleased to hear about the latest offer announced by T-Mobile. It has been reported that the latest Concord will be provided to all T-Mobile consumers by means of a wide range of no annual contract schemes, which include Walmart Family Mobile plan and T-Mobile Monthly-4G.

Developed by the well-known ZTE manufacturer, the newest T-Mobile Concord is featured with all the key essential standard features so as to allow the consumers to stay connected with their family, friends, and loved ones all the time. The latest 3G device is driven by a new Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is an ideal opt for normal web surfing, locating any place through Google Maps, or gaining access to many leading social networking websites like Facebook.

It has a sleek, very appealing mid-night blue color finishing, and features a standard 3.5 inches capacitive touch-screen display along with a two MP camera, thus enabling the users to capture their favorite moments, and share them among their friends.

The latest T-Mobile is more likely to be offered at Target from 26th August 2012 with a reasonable $99.99 price tag that comes with a standard qualifying monthly-4G plan.


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