Obama-Romney Contest Tightens in Polls Going Into Final 2 Weeks


The US presidential battle with hardly 2 weeks remaining for its final election day with voting polls showing a dead heat throughout the nation and very tight competition in most of the main states, signifying the result could be anything. It also shows which campaign was better mobilizing its forces.

Republican challenger Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are tied at 47% in national Wall Street Journal or NBC News poll of possible voters reported yesterday. Both contenders are going to face each other in Florida today for their final debate and they were almost even in Oct 17 ORC/CNN international poll with 48% of likely voters supporting Barack Obama, while 49% backing Mitt Romney.

Obama’s senior strategist, David Axelrod, said that it’s going to be a very close competition and the final outcome can be anything, unlike last time’s election where Obama led his contender by several percentage votes. Rob Portman, republican senator believes that trend is in their direction and is accompanied with Mitt Romney over the weekend in Delray Beachfor debate sessions. According to him, the excitement, energy, and enthusiasm of the people are into their side and that’s where the Republican Party wanted to be at this stage of election.

The recent surveys show that the former governor of Massachusetts is almost eliminating Barack Obama’s lead in several main states, those with a history of backing either party’s candidate.  Mitt Romney’s performance in his first debate made him to gain momentum.

NBC News/Wall Street poll reported a tie in October 17-20 and it’s the first time that Obama isn’t leading in the survey. The poll of 816 voters with plus or minus error margin has 3.4 percentage points. The republican challenger removed a 5 percentage point lead on his opponent in the same poll in mid Sept that had narrowed to 3 points by late Sept. The latest polling suggests that Mitt Romney’s momentum was not fired by his 2nd debate held on Oct 16 in Hempstead, NY.

The last and third debate starts today at 9.pm. at Boca Raton in Florida and it focuses on foreign policy. The Obama’s campaign is getting positive view and he is getting supports from registered voters rather than smaller group of likely voters. Among 1000 people, Barack Obama led Mitt Romney 49% to 44% and if Obama’s administration is believed to be as good as to be claimed, he should be getting ballots from additional registered voters too.


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