Paris Hosts the First Black Fashion Week


The normal fashion week is seen everywhere, but Paris planned on doing something special, and innovative… It geared up for its first-ever Black Fashion Week. Upcoming designers and organizers say that they are battling to make a position for themselves in the fashion world.

African Designers Get a Chance to Showcase Their Design Instincts

A Senegalese-based French artist recognized her long-held aim when she stepped into the first Black Fashion week in Paris, which focused on bringing African talent to the worldwide audience. Adama Ndiaye opened up the show, displaying the best that the continent has got to offer; however, they dismissed that the show prohibited entry to others, who weren’t black. “Paris Fashion week is already white and this is the first show with black models” – said Adama, who has previously organized Senegal’s Dakar Fashion shows on several occasions.

She said that their aim was to encourage African designers, who are pretty famous in Africa, but do not have way into the global industry. She said Africa’s fashion is yet to be recognized in global terms in its own right. Though designers create innovative pieces, it was hard for them to get it sold and hope that this fashion week will be an opportunity for newcomers.

As far as models are concerned, majority of them were black and this is one rare event getting to the ramp walk since most of the occasions, one would look for red-hot sizzling white models setting the ramp on fire. It is not the first time for Adama Ndiaye to hold a Black fashion week as she had done it last year in Prague and is preparing for another one at Montreal this November and Brazil’s Salvador next year.

She said, the show has been named as ‘Black Fashion Week’, but isn’t intended solely for them. The designs and creations are not made for black people. Ultra-feminine styles with puff sleeves, fabrics ranging from stain, silk to embroidered cotton and black dresses looked amazingly beautiful on those models.

Around 15 black designers from Africa or living in US, Haiti, and France, showcased their collections in Paris at Pavillon Cambon Capucines. The guests who attended the event included many, especially tourism minister and Senegalese singer, Youssou N’Dour caught the headlines.

A few days before the event started in Paris, Ndiaye was excitedly rushing from one press interview to another and said – “no people should be excluded labeling the show by ‘black’ ”. Adama has spent much of her career in Europe and is excited to be a part of the event, breaking the strict codes of the tightly closed world. She has no fear of facing critics after displaying several fashion weeks in Senegalese and feels it is the right time for the African designers to showcase their talents to the fashion world.


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