Price for Windows 8 Revealed by the E-Retailers


The software giant Microsoft and many other online dealers unveiled the new Windows 8 pricing details and started taking pre-booking orders for the OS.

The price was released in a blog of Microsoft and by other online retailers, which included and

In the past, Microsoft announced the online price of the upgraded version Windows 8 Pro as $39.99, and the boxed copy with a DVD inside would cost $69.99 in a promotional offer that ends by 2013 January.

Today, Microsoft’s blog did not have any new posts regarding the price, but the company’s e-retailing partners provided some additional details.

According to the retailers, the boxed copy of the upgraded Windows 8 Pro that has been priced $69.99 for now will be raised to $199.99 after closing of the promotions. The upgraded version of Windows 7 Professional DVD will be available for the same price.

The e-retailers also revealed the prices for the System Builder versions, which are aimed at homebrew PC or small-scale makers and for the users who are interested to operate the OS in a dual-boot configuration.

For the Windows 8 system builder version, the price tagged by is $99.99, and it will be available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Windows 8 Pro with corporate features like full-disk encryption and facility to hook up with company networks is priced $139.99.

The prices will be identical for the System Builder versions of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Home Premium.

The System Builder versions will not have any support from Microsoft like the other boxed copies. The user will be responsible for the support or the person who assembled the PC will be responsible.

A “key card” code will be given for activation, which upgrades Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro. said that the Windows 8 Pro pack that costs $69.99 will save $30 over the original price of $99.99, most probably the upgrade’s final price. If so, it will be $10 more over Windows 7 Professional, which is priced $89.99.

With all these revelations, there are still some answered queries about the price of Windows 8, particularly the entry-level SKU showed as “Windows 8”.

The online price of Windows 8 Pro upgraded version after 2013 Jan is yet to be announced by Microsoft. The price of the upgraded version will rise to $ 199.99 in February if the company sticks to the price of Windows 7 for the entry-level SKU.

The sales of the new Windows will begin from 26th October. Microsoft refused to give the missing price details of Windows 8 Pro and Windows 8.


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