Recent Demand Mount in the Industry Increase Pressure on Albama’s Auto Employee Training Programs


Just like fuel that propels a vehicle engine, employee training program plays a vital role in the process of realizing the set targets of the Albama’s present automotive industry. During a period in which there is increasing output, and progressing worker rolls in the division, those employees training programs are in fact under extreme pressure.

In the last few model years, the automotive production units of Honda, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, Toyota’s engine development plant, and many other auto suppliers production plants located in the nation have radically hiked their overall output as United States auto sales numbers bounce back from the very deep decline that took place during the 2008 and 2009 model years.

In reality, presently the Albama’s automotive industry is well on its path to develop a record total number of models this fiscal, clearly topping the just about 750,000 total vehicles developed during 2011 fiscal year (FY). Along with that immense improvement in the industry comes increasing grieves, since all carmakers and states organizations that are involved themselves with employee force training programs, are now striving really hard to maintain steady pace with the growing market.

All car manufacturing firms inform that they are really pleased with the kind of assistance that is being provided from the state, however they are still facing a tough time in locating qualified candidates in some key areas of business. Some automakers have clearly identified that there could be gaps in training especially at the back of nation’s achievement in economic growth, and they have already started strategizing a long time before only so as to fill all those gaps.

In the mean time, Albama’s 2 year College System is attempting to speed up the rate of training programs for occupations that are especially in high demand now including industrial maintenance technicians, as said by the Executive Chief of the Alabama Auto Manufacturers Union, and Chief Administrator of Workforce Growth at the well-known Shelton State Community University located in Tuscaloosa, Lew Drummond.

For the very first time in its entire history, the famous Hyundai’s Montgomery automotive units is planning to start off a new 3rd working shift in the coming days, and work around the clock, 5-days per week. The plant’s spokesman, Robert Burns said that the automaker has already recruited nearly 800 employees to implement its plans, but still there are many openings for the position of industrial maintenance technicians at the plant.


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