Rise Automotive Starts New Display Area in Dubai


Recently, an event that has been held at the well-know Hilton Hotel that is located in Abu Dhabi marked the inauguration of the new showroom of Rise Automotive firm.

The major dignitaries at the event include the present acting Chief Executive Officer of company, Mr. David Letts; the company’s CFO, Mr. George Bachmayer; and many other senior associates of the auto manufacturing firm in addition to many leading envoys from the biggest vehicle dealerships that are located in the UAE region.

The firm’s latest products and services were offered during the occasion, and are widely made available at the newly inaugurated showroom of the automaker situated in Ras El Khor. Rise Automotive Company has been well-known for offering auto related solutions that includes service equipment, sales, auto trading, and even after sales facilities.

Service equipment items of the company are marketed to vehicle dealerships, car repair workshops that are maintained by the local government, maintenance and restore hubs, pumping stations, any government subdivision that takes care of its fleet car repairs, export market, and other auto service business consumers.

Rise Automotive is actually very proud to be associated with Zonyi Automotive Equipment as a leading business associate in the UAE, and the authoritative trader of the firm’s most important product called Zonda, and carries re-export privileges inside North Africa, and the Middle East. Zonyi Automotive Equipment Corp, which is previously identified as the “Zhongda Group”, is actually one among the topmost 500 organizations functioning in the international auto equipment and industrialized coating arena at present.

The most well-known product lines that are offered in the Rise Auto main showroom include 2 and 4 post vehicle lifts, automated vehicle washing apparatus – “brush and touch-less”, and spray paint booths etc. The Present CEO of Rise Automotive, David Letts, recently said that the auto industry has been extending on an average growth rate of almost 8-percet to 11-percent over the last couple of model years, which formulates it one among the most nourishing businesses, and insist for high quality goods with affordable price tags, and highly efficient customer service are in fact the great need of the present market.

Letts added that his company is working really hard to develop into one of the top developing auto firms in the UAE region, and they expect to develop strong links with their present and new consumers by providing them with the new green and highly cost effective solutions.


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