Are Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals Inc(NASDAQ:RCPI) and Aerohive Networks Inc(NYSE:HIVE) Ready To Succeed?


Atlanta, GA  – Scibility Media –  10/30/2014.

This article discusses two companies: Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals Inc(NASDAQ:RCPI) and Aerohive Networks Inc(NYSE:HIVE)

Rock Creek Pharmaceuticals Inc(NASDAQ:RCPI) was forced to suspend its CigRx and Anatabloc products due to the fact that one of its primary ingredients, anatabine, requires FDA approval before it can be marketed. The company’s fortunes, however, may soon change. Four individuals from the independent Roskamp Institute, a not-for-profit organization, will be presenting four anatabine projects at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, which will be held from Nov. 15th to Nov. 19th in Washington, DC.

The company, which was previously known as Star Scientific, had been marketing its Anatabloc product for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. A Nov. 17th presentation by Megha Varma will address the “Effects of anatabine on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) like pathology, neuroinflammation and behavior in transgenic mouse model of AD.”

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Aerohive Networks Inc(NYSE:HIVE) is a California-based communications equipment company that designs and develops a cloud-managed mobile network platform. The company announced on Oct. 28th that it had been selected by Apple to provide Wi-Fi infrastructure that will support a $100 million contribution to ConnectED, a government initiative to help teachers access the best technology.

In an effort to support the initiative, Apple will be providing ConnectED with iPads, MacBooks, and Apple TVs to over 114 schools. Aerohive’s Wi-Fi infrastructure will support Apple’s deployments, providing access to content and curriculum through 802.11ac wireless access points and cloud-based management. The company has a market capitalization of over $250 million.

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