Romney’s Google Issue – Search Query ‘Completely Wrong’ Pulls Out His Pics!


A Google image search for the search phrase ‘completely wrong’ displays page after page of pictures of the US presidential nominee, calling to mind the company lobbed in the history against George W Bush, Rick Santorum, and many others. But it isn’t Google Bomb, according the software giant.

One of the spokesperson from Google told Fox News that Mitt Romney’s Google problem is not something that they can solve. He said that the natural effect of the algorithm isn’t fixed forcibly by Google. Once after the secret footage of Mitt Romney was released, talking to about 47% of the population, he started using phrases like ‘completely wrong’ to explain his comments.  Romney had a discussion with Sean Hannity, host of Fox News where he said throughout the campaign, with hundreds of speeches and debate sessions, what you speak may not portray the same. Sometimes, it comes out right and sometimes it doesn’t, he explained. He said his 47% speech is just completely wrong.

Several bloggers created stories regarding his comment, which were originally linked to his phrase and picture; it seems like a mean method to spread his phase as well as name. Back in 2007, George W. Bush too faced similar problem; his images used to display for the search for the phrase ‘miserable failure’ and that Google bomb was fixed by the company.

This type of issues keep one in confusion, particularly given the standard consensus, which big tech companies, like Facebook, Apple, and Google lean left. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has been to the White House more than ten times since Jan 2009. He had given $25,000 for the Obama opening ceremony in 2008 and also gave $5000 for this year’s Democratic Campaign Committee.

NYU analysis labeled Google as one of the most left-leaning businesses among the Fortune companies that it looked at in 2010. The information even says that Google has an entire team contributing to avoiding abuse of company’s search engine. Google said that it would make several improvements to its algorithm not just once or twice, but throughout the year. Since Romney’s comment is on high search, it is displaying his picture, but will change as the news becomes old. Reputation managers call such types of issues as ‘image jacking’; however, it isn’t the first time Romney is experiencing.  In early2012, awebsite, entitled Spreading Romney was established, which was similar to very old website launched by Dan Savage, a sex columnist who provided a disgusting report of Rick Santorum. The pictures of President Barack Obama too appear for unfortunate phrases, like one term proposition, so it may be a kind of consolation for Romney, but it still remains unclear by Romney’s pics are being populated for terms like “completely wrong”.


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