Ryan Gosling Turning Director with “How to Catch a Monster”


We’ve already seen the likes of Clint Eastwood, George Clooney and Rob Reiner establish themselves as reliable directors. Now it is the turn of Ryan Gosling to wear the director’s hat. We’ve often seen actors turning into director to get more creative control and to be able to tell the story their way.

The upcoming directorial debut of Ryan Gosling is named “How to Catch a Monster” and will feature Christina Hendricks in the main role. The film will be produced by Ryan Gosling through Phantasma Films, David Lancaster and Michel Litvak through Bold Films and Adam Siegel and Marc Platt through Marc Platt Productions. Sierra / Affinity will take care of the movie’s international sales, which will be available starting from 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. The movie’s principal photography is planned to start during 2013 spring.

Gosling said that he was very thankful to Adam Siegel, Marc Platt, Bold Films as they had been more than supportive and he was looking forward to make the film with them. The financier of Bold Films, Michel Litvak said that they had enough confidence in Christina, Adam, Marc and last but not the least, Ryan, both on professional and personal levels. He also said that they did not waste any time in responding to the script of Ryan Gosling and were looking forward to kick-starting the next chapter in Ryan’s career, thus continuing Bold Film’s commitment to such collaborative ventures that are artistically driven.

Marc Platt, one of the producers said that they are more than excited to produce Gosling’s first movie as a director and writer and continuing the collaboration, which started with “Drive”. Marc also said that Ryan had come up with a very uniquely beautiful yet haunting script, which he very clearly knew how to bring to life. He also added that Ryan’s ability to attract viewers as an ace actor would help in his directorial venture.

Nick Meyer from Sierra seconds what Marc says. He also believes that Ryan’s acting skills will tremendously help him while he would be sitting on director’s chair. Nick is very excited about being with Gosling as the latter starts the next phase of his career and Nick is very enthusiastic about bringing Ryan’s directorial debut to international market.

“How to Catch a Monster”, directed and written by Gosling, revolves around elements of suspense and fantasy noir in a modern fairytale style. The movie is set against a dreamscape of a city that vanishes. Billy, the protagonist, is the single mother of 2 children. Billy gets swept inside a fantasy underworld and macabre, in the meanwhile her young son finds out about a secret path that leads to a town situated underwater. Now both mother and son must take a deep dive into the world of mystery, if they want their family’s survival.


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